CitoPlus partners with Finsure


Leading mortgage aggregator, Finsure Group, has launched a partnership with the digital commercial broking platform CitoPlus. CitoPlus provides brokers with an experience that streamlines the commercial lending process for them as well as their customers, and helps brokers more efficiently submit high quality loan submissions.


Finsure CEO Simon Bednar said the partnership with CitoPlus launching this week, is a win for Finsure brokers and for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as it removed key pain points during the SME loan process as well as speeding up the application process.


“CitoPlus has built a market-leading commercial broking platform that brings together the best of digital and data capabilities with the experience and judgement of commercial brokers. SME customers look to their broker for the critical support they need with their lending needs and this partnership is demonstration of Finsure’s investment in helping their commercial brokers deliver best in class service to SME’s,” Mr Bednar said.


“CitoPlus will be integrated with Finsure’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform Infynity, and by removing a lot of the manual tasks involved with a commercial deal, will make it easier for both experienced commercial brokers as well as traditionally residential brokers seeking to diversify their skillset and support more commercial loans.


Finsure National Commercial Manager Jas Fazlic emphasised the importance of this partnership in the current lending climate.


“Finsure is the first aggregator to connect our own CRM platform with CitoPlus, enabling more of our brokers to assist with commercial loans will be of benefit to SME borrowers, particularly those under increasing financial pressure at this time of interest rate rises.”


Mr Fazlic said SMEs and brokers require a commercial lending experience that is fast, efficient, and flexible.


“SMEs should be better supported to source funding so that they can focus on running their business to the best of their ability,” he said.


According to Mr Fazlic, the partnership aligns with current recruitment interests, especially as Finsure is very active in helping transition bankers into brokers.


“Former bankers dream of a one-stop solution that can help them write their credit paper. The CitoPlus platform will call out to an expansive list of required services, databases and information, giving banks the best credit paper possible.”



The CitoPlus platform delivers a streamlined experience for brokers and their SME customers by automating data collection to enable a deeper understanding of the business and individuals involved, accurate collateral details, serviceability calculations and financial analysis to support easier preparation of applications to their lender of choice.


CitoPlus Co-founder Richard Winkett said:  We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Finsure as one of the leading and progressive Aggregators in the Australian market. Our solution is designed first and foremost for brokers, we look forward to working with Finsure and their brokers to deliver an amazing experience for SMEs when seeking the right tailored loan solution.

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